6th Jun 2016

Debt collectors use dirty tricks and fake debts to get your money. more

12th Nov 2015

Mild content and language warning The manufacturer will almost never tell you that you have a lemon. They will not offer to repurchase unless you truly put pressure on them by showing them that you will not settle easily. The … more

11th Nov 2015

Shopping at CarMax? Beware of Unsafe Recalled Cars! more

5th Jun 2015

If you buy a car that won’t pass the smog test, you can’t register it in your name. Always check the latest smog certificate and the car’s smog history. more

29th May 2015

Be sure to carefully check any service contracts, extended warranties, or GAP insurance policies and read what they are really offering. more

21st May 2015

If you buy a car at a “buy here, pay here” dealership, they are required to give you a 30-day warranty. Don’t let them cheat you out of it. more

8th May 2015

When you are sued over a debt, don’t be scared. Don’t ignore it, and do get some legal advice. Read on for more rules of thumb for this scenario. more

13th Mar 2015

Sometimes collection calls are the past catching up, but sometimes it’s just a scam. Insist the debt collector communicates with you only in writing. more