6th Mar 2015

Just because a manufacturer says something is normal doesn’t mean it’s not a problem, as shown in cars being recalled overseas but not in the U.S. more

26th Feb 2015

Remote kill switches in cars are surprisingly common. They are vulnerable to security breaches; stay away from them! more

12th Feb 2015

Follow these tips to stay away from auto loans you can’t really afford and the dealers who push them. more

6th Feb 2015

Always check whether a used car you buy has had any recalls and whether they have been fixed. It may save your life. more

30th Jan 2015

Forced arbitration clauses are in the fine print of most contracts. This means a car dealership can prevent you from taking your case to a judge or a jury. more

22nd Jan 2015

Vehicle contracts are over 18 inches long. Unscrupulous car dealers will add in small charges to make money. more

9th Jan 2015

Car manufacturers and dealerships will never tell you that they mean to defraud you. But remember, they want to take advantage of you. more

19th Dec 2014

Large used car companies are not guaranteed to offer more protection to buyers. more