8th Oct 2014

If you call the police when you think a car dealer has ripped you off, they will say that it is a civil matter and they cannot help you. more

25th Sep 2014

Used car dealers and lenders can use GPS to track your movements. more

12th Sep 2014

Used car dealers have many tricks to make you think they’re helping you, when they are only helping themselves out of a fraud case. more

1st Sep 2014

“Kevin helped me with a tough case. He was always there and easy to get a hold of. He even helped me with the finance company! A++” more

29th Mar 2014

“I went from hopelessness to feeling empowered within days. My case was settled within 14 days.” more

22nd Mar 2014

“Kevin did an outstanding job settling our case. He was very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions we had. He is definitely the right attorney to get the job done quickly and painlessly. We are very grateful to him for … more

18th Feb 2014

“My case settlement took exactly 60 days. … Every time I needed to contact Mr. Faulk, he was there for me. I couldn’t ask for a better Attorney.” more

7th Nov 2013

If you confront a problem with a business in small claims court, the business often will be given the benefit of the doubt if there is a factual dispute. more