8th Dec 2017

Criminal collectors call on fake debts. What should you do? more

28th Oct 2016

What do you do if the “IRS” calls you to collect a debt? more

6th Jun 2016

Debt collectors use dirty tricks and fake debts to get your money. more

13th Mar 2015

Sometimes collection calls are the past catching up, but sometimes it’s just a scam. Insist the debt collector communicates with you only in writing. more

25th Sep 2014

Used car dealers and lenders can use GPS to track your movements. more

24th Oct 2013

Once a creditor has put incorrect information into their database, it’s unlikely that they will cease their collection activity until you let them know that they’ve gotten it wrong. more

14th Oct 2013

“Thank you for representing us in our legal battle with bank attorneys in regards to a credit card debt. You explained the process, provided options and best strategy to find the most reasonable result.” more

15th Sep 2013

People can’t afford to ignore a simple incorrect bill, no matter how small, especially since the credit agencies will make no effort to protect you. more