“I would like to give you a few reasons why I am so happy with Kevin Faulk representing me in a Civil Suit. I highly recommend Mr. Faulk for any consumer protection issues you or your friends have. My reasons are:

  1. Before contacting Kevin, I was not sure that I had anything that I could legitimately complain about. But, I explained my problem to Kevin. I gave him an explanation of what was bothering me. He received all of the facts and information. He laid out the costs and any possible negative outcome. He was so positive and easy to work with, I hired him. Then, he went to work immediately.
  2. Throughout the time period until a trial date, my communications with Kevin were continuous and very easy. It is nice to never be caught off-guard about some issue.
  3. Kevin’s thoroughness and knowledge brought me a very nice settlement. It is a wonderful experience to prevail in a lawsuit, of course.

“So, if you are searching for someone to assist you with consumer protection, you need to contact Kevin Faulk. He will listen to you, provide you with thorough explanations, and go to work for you. Communication during the course of the lawsuit will be easy and amenable. And lastly, you and he will prevail, no doubt!”

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