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We want to help everyone we can! We specialize in helping people who have been ripped off or abused by businesses in the state of California. This includes your struggles with a defective product, misrepresentations or lies during a sale, an old debt being pursued, or a business that is harassing you. We have over fourteen years of experience in California auto and consumer fraud, lemon law, and other consumer litigation cases.

These are the everyday problems that we excel in dealing with. So call now and tell us your story! We are here to listen. You can call anytime, with any problem, and we will listen to your story and try to help you, without a fee.

Sometimes our help may involve legal representation, sometimes we may be able to give you a few helpful suggestions or tell you about someone else you can call, but, in any case, we want to hear your story.

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  • 5 star ratingKevin Faulk is the bees knees. Quick to respond and very knowledgeable of the industry!

    Nick A. Avatar
    Nick A.

    Gets the job done! Answers your calls returns your emails in a timely manner and got my money back on a bad car deal.thought I was out of luck but made the call and... read more

    Anthony Hayne Avatar
    Anthony Hayne

    If it wasn't for Mr. Faulk I would have never resolved my experience with dealership fraud. He gave me his advice with full confidence that he knew the issue would be resolved. It's hard to... read more

    Tyler Hairston Avatar
    Tyler Hairston
  • I purchased a used car and a year later found out that the car fax report that I had been shown at the time of purchase was not accurate and the car I had purchased... read more

    Angela Levy Avatar
    Angela Levy

    Let me tell you about wonderful kelvin . May 2019 I had know clue who to turn to when a car dealership told me I was approved for a car that I was never approved... read more

    Johnay Ferguson Avatar
    Johnay Ferguson

    Kevin was professional and quick at responding via email. He was very patient with my questions regarding any contracts. My case took about a year to close, which felt long at the time but I... read more

    Ariel Castro Avatar
    Ariel Castro
  • Kevin helped us with case concerning a voided warranty that we were led to believe was still in force. He was in a short period of time able to obtain us a settlement which we... read more

    Robert Siler Avatar
    Robert Siler

    5 star ratingMy husband and I were the victims of bait and switch fraud by a local dealership back in May 2019. When we received our financing paperwork, we caught the fraud and tried contacting the... read more

    K.G. S. Avatar
    K.G. S.

    Kevin helped me with my case, a dealer sold me a car that didn’t go passed 45 mph and he gave me all my money back and made the dealer pay all the fees. Got... read more

    Lisa Quintana Avatar
    Lisa Quintana