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Paying the Loan in a Lemon Law Case

If you took a car loan for a vehicle that turned out to be a lemon, you might have many questions regarding your loan obligations. Are you still responsible for paying the loan or do the payments freeze during a lemon law case?

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Why Should I Hire an Attorney for My Lemon Law Claim?

It’s common for people to refer to a car that frequently breaks down as a “lemon,” but the legal definition of a “lemon” car is much more narrowly focused. In fact, according to a report put out by the California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG), fewer than one-half of one percent of vehicles end up being part of a lemon law claim. Still, if you find yourself in the unlucky position of having purchased a defective vehicle, it’s in your best interest to obtain legal counsel for a lemon law claim to ensure you get the compensation you’re due.

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Manufacturers Most Guilty of Producing a Lemon

Nobody sets out to purchase a lemon car, but even the most judicious car buyers may find themselves stuck with one. That said, there are several steps individuals can take before buying a new car to prevent this from happening.

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Do Transmission Issues Qualify as a Lemon?

Transmission issues can be a headache for vehicle owners. Fortunately, California provides lemon law protections to those who purchase or lease defective vehicles. If you are experiencing transmission problems with your car and believe your vehicle meets the criteria of a lemon, reach out to Law Offices of Kevin Faulk to get help.

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Steps to Take If You Think Your Car Is a Lemon

There’s no worse feeling than buying a new product and finding out that it doesn’t work the way it was advertised and you’ve just wasted your money. This is especially true when you’ve bought a new car only to find it’s defective, commonly referred to as having a “lemon.” According to a report put out by the Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS), some car makes and models are more likely to be lemons than others.

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Understanding Lemon Law Buybacks

According to a 2022 report put out by Carfax, California leads the nation with the most vehicles with open recalls at around 5.6 million. While most recalls can be repaired or addressed fairly quickly, there are others that are not and will be subject to lemon law.

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Factors Considered in Determining If a Car Is a Lemon

According to statistics from The Auto Lemon Index Report, about 34,397 lemon law cases were filed in California state courts between 2018 and 2021. In California, consumers who purchase defective vehicles with repeated, unfixable problems may be eligible to seek relief – refund or replacement vehicle – by filing a lemon law case against the manufacturer or dealer. However, various factors are often considered to determine whether a car is a lemon.

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How Long is My Car Protected Under Lemon Law?

Are you considering filing a lemon law claim in California? If so, you may be wondering how long your car is protected under the state’s lemon law. The answer to that question depends on several factors.

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Lemon Law for Leased Vehicles

It has been estimated that as many as 150,000 new vehicles sold each year will turn out to be lemons, meaning that repeated repair attempts will fail to correct a substantial defect in the vehicle. Across the nation, states have enacted lemon laws to protect individuals who acquire new vehicles, only to discover defects that keep the vehicle in the repair shop without a successful resolution.

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Is Mediation Required for a Lemon Law Dispute?

Everyone has heard the term “lemon” to describe a car that doesn’t work well or breaks down all the time, but many people may not realize that there’s an actual “lemon law” in the state of California to protect consumers when they unwittingly buy a defective car from a manufacturer or dealer. However, just because the car you bought is having some issues doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll qualify for protection under this law.

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