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Frustrated Women with a broken down car

Can I Demand a Refund Instead of a Replacement Vehicle?

If your vehicle is a lemon because the manufacturer cannot fix a warranty defect after a reasonable number of repair attempts, you are probably aware of your right to obtain a replacement vehicle. But can you demand a refund instead of a replacement vehicle?

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Legal Concept About Lemon Law with Inscription on The Sheet

What Vehicles Does Lemon Law Cover?

People generally do not expect to have problems with their new or used vehicle. Purchasing or leasing a vehicle that ends up defective and requires constant repairs can be frustrating and disappointing.

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Document with Label Lemon Law

Dispelling Myths About Lemon Law

If you’ve bought or leased a vehicle that is a ‘lemon,’ you’re probably frustrated, or even overwhelmed. A lemon car means one that has a significant defect (or defects) that cannot be repaired after repeated attempts.

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Template to Dispute and Verify Debt

Here is a template for a letter to send to debt collectors to dispute and verify debt. Copy and paste it into your word processor.

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Collection Calls on Debts You Don’t Recognize

Lately, it seems that more and more people are getting harassing phone calls about old debts that they hardly recognize. When, not if, you get a call like this, don’t panic.

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Debt Collection Scams: Who Is Calling You?

Many times these scammers have illegally obtained your credit report and are pretending that they are calling on behalf of real creditors. However, they have a new way to skip that step. They pretend that they are calling on behalf of the IRS.

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Hidden Attacks on Consumers: Non-Disparagement Clauses

In 2008, John and Jen Palmer bought about $20 worth of knick-knacks from a company called Kleargear. When the products never showed up, the Palmers wrote a negative review of Kleargear.

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John Oliver on Subprime Auto Lending

Financing can be a great tool, used wisely, and sometimes it can even be necessary to live in the United States. However, the finance industry is rife with people looking to take advantage of others, especially those who are already impoverished. John Oliver gives some details on this phenomenon.

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Federal Judge on Car Max: “I Wouldn’t Send My Children There.”

CarMax likes to advertise their certified and inspected cars. However, they really don’t like

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GAP Insurance: Two Common Scams

Swanson O’Dell explained the basics of GAP insurance here. GAP insurance can certainly

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