18th Aug 2016

Subprime auto lending is a dangerous place. Take these simple steps to avoid the sharks. more

11th Aug 2016

CarMax likes to advertise their certified and inspected cars. However, they really don’t like to tell you the specifics of their inspections. While they perform an inspection and create a report, they destroy the report instead of giving it to … more

5th Aug 2016

Swanson O’Dell explained the basics of GAP insurance here. GAP insurance can certainly be a useful thing, but, as with any financial product, there are dangers to check for when you purchase. The Dealer Swallows the Premium GAP insurance is … more

4th Aug 2016

by Swanson O’Dell Original Post Gap insurance is insurance that covers the difference between the value of your car and the total amount owed on your loan. This is important coverage if your vehicle is not worth as much as … more