The Dangers of Trying to Get Your Own Fix

People often call me just looking for advice, and I am more than happy to give as much advice as possible. But sometimes people don’t understand how useful it is to have a lawyer actually handling a matter for you. Used car dealers have a million tricks that they will try to pull on you, and if you don’t see them coming, it’s hard to keep yourself safe and actually get a fair deal.

Taking the car back isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

A couple of years ago, I got a call from a young man who had just bought his first car. Unfortunately, after he had it for a month, the engine blew. He called me to find out what he could do. I told him what his rights were, and why I thought he could get his car bought back. He called the dealership, told them what I had said to him, and they agreed to buy the car back. All he had to do was to tow the vehicle back to the dealership, and he would be given his downpayment back. He even signed an agreement to memorialize that. However, when he towed the vehicle back to the dealership, the dealership told him the car wasn’t in good enough condition and they were keeping the money and the car. He called me back, I began working with him, and we eventually got his money back. It is important to remember, though, that no matter how good or smart you are, the car dealer has more experience than you do.

Trading it back in will hurt you.

One of the common tricks the dealerships will use is to get you to trade your car in when you express dissatisfaction. They then will value the car your returning at thousands of dollars less than you paid for it, even if it has only been a few weeks. They roll that debt into the loan on your new car, so while you walk away feeling happy that you are in a different car, you’re actually leaving with a mountain of debt that they haven’t told you about.

Trust can be hard, but it is necessary.

Right after you’ve been ripped off, it can be hard to call up another business and trust them. Often people will call me and be suspicious. After what this car dealer did to them, who knows what this lawyer will do? But, don’t let this prevent you from getting the best help possible. I’m here to help you.


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  • Private on June 16, 2016 at 2:40 PM

    DATE: June 16, 2016 I would like to recommend talking to Kevin Faulk if you have concerns before or after you buy a car. I recently was suspicious of a local used car dealer, his odd behavior, and old sales contract forms he gave me on my FIRST visit showing an approved 1.9% loan rate for any car I wanted. I trusted this information. After a month of looking, test driving, and finally committing to a car on this dealer's lot he pulled a weird screaming fit before closing day of purchase. I THINK, based on all I have learned, and help from Kevin, that the dealer was planning to YoYo finance me...promising and assuring a 1.9% rate without even checking my credit... giving me 1982 sales forms with NO required information required by California law stating "loan rate conditional on acceptance" terms..meaning the Credit Union had to accept/approve me, not the dealer! I did not buy a car there, and am pursuing exposure of this dealer's possible illegal sales technique, or at least warning others of this 'trickery'. If I had sold my own car, as I planned, and then was faced with a double or triple loan rate (5.5% or more) AFTER I sign the sales contract I would be stuck! And the dealer benefits. Reply

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