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Lemon Law Isn’t Just for Cars

Kevin Faulk Oct. 2, 2013

Recently, I got a call from a client who said that his truck had been ruined by bad gasoline. He had been driving down the freeway when his engine died. When he got the vehicle back to the dealership, he was told that his fuel injectors were clogged by debris in his gas. They opened up the gas tank and found a ton of junk sloshing around inside. He had to spend $2,000.00 to repair the engine. He got in touch with the last gas station that he had been at, but even though they admitted that there was a problem with their underground tank, they insisted that the client had been using bio-diesel, and that the gas from their station was not the source of the problem.

I sent a demand letter on his behalf. Rather than offering to make compensation, the gas station continued to blame the client. Finally, after some pressure, their insurance company settled. The client got back money for his repair as well as compensation for his time without his truck.

Even if your problem isn’t with a high dollar product, like a car, even if it’s just a tank of gas that has caused you trouble, we can help.