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They Can’t Lie!

Kevin Faulk Sept. 15, 2013

All of us receive incorrect bills. Sometimes these can be straightened out with a simple phone call. Other times, creditors will persist in their wrong-headedness and even turn matters over to collectors. This can feel like a simple nuisance that can safely be ignored. But if you’re getting contacted by a creditor, they’ve probably already begun to affect your credit report.

Because of credit reports, people can’t afford to ignore a simple incorrect bill, no matter how small. This is especially true since the credit agencies will make no effort to protect you. In a dispute, the creditor is always given the benefit of the doubt.

So, if you get a bill that isn’t yours, make a phone call or two to follow up first. But if the creditor refuses to correct it, call an attorney that will take care of the matter and make sure that your credit isn’t damaged.