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Trial Victory: Consumer Fraud Victim Gets Refund

Kevin Faulk Sept. 17, 2014

Today, we completed a trial on a case that we’ve been working on for the last year. Our client hired a tax preparer several years ago to prepare three tax returns. As time went on, the tax preparer kept asking for more money and pushing out his deadline further and further. Eventually, our client had paid him over $10,000 over the years without ever being given the promised tax returns.

The tax preparer fought back in litigation and falsely stated that he had given our client tax returns. However, after hearing the evidence, the court awarded a full refund to the defrauded consumer. He has a judgment for a complete refund, and the tax preparer now has a court record showing that he committed fraud against a consumer.

When businesses lie, you can fight and you can win. Keep good records, have as many conversations by email as possible, and avoid the phone. Anytime the business promises you something, send them an email confirming that promise. Then, you’ll have the ammunition to fight well and hard. Even if you don’t have these records, we can help you. Let us know about your problem and we’ll have a free consultation to see what we can do.