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Underhanded Dealerships Make Little Stuff Add Up

Kevin Faulk Jan. 22, 2015

A few weeks ago, the staff at F & R Auto Sales of Westport, Massachusetts, had a fun time.

(Warning, NSFW: some vulgar language.)

After they had ordered $43 worth of pizza and paid for it with two twenties and two fives, the delivery guy thought he was getting a seven dollar tip and left the dealership. The staff first called his manager and demanded that he return the money. The video shows how the delivery guy was verbally abused when he returned the money.

F & R apparently thought this was great fun and posted the video to YouTube. You can visit their Yelp page to see how that turned out for them.

Many of the people reacting to this incident wonder why someone would get so worked up over seven dollars. However, numerous small charges, getting away with things just a little bit at a time, is often how underhanded dealerships make their money.

When you purchase a vehicle, you’re going to get a contract that’s over 18 inches long. It will have an enormous amount of confusing details and numbers. Unscrupulous dealers use this as a chance to slip things in unnoticed. And even if it’s only a few dollars, it all adds up.

At the end of the day, they aren’t going to treat you any differently than they treated the pizza delivery guy.