10th Jun 2016

Dealerships avoid litigation by taking the car back, but sometimes it’s a trick. Here are three tips to protect yourself from used car dealers. more

12th Nov 2015

Mild content and language warning The manufacturer will almost never tell you that you have a lemon. They will not offer to repurchase unless you truly put pressure on them by showing them that you will not settle easily. The … more

21st May 2015

If you buy a car at a “buy here, pay here” dealership, they are required to give you a 30-day warranty. Don’t let them cheat you out of it. more

6th Mar 2015

Just because a manufacturer says something is normal doesn’t mean it’s not a problem, as shown in cars being recalled overseas but not in the U.S. more

30th Jan 2015

Forced arbitration clauses are in the fine print of most contracts. This means a car dealership can prevent you from taking your case to a judge or a jury. more

19th Dec 2014

Large used car companies are not guaranteed to offer more protection to buyers. more

18th Feb 2014

“My case settlement took exactly 60 days. … Every time I needed to contact Mr. Faulk, he was there for me. I couldn’t ask for a better Attorney.” more

14th Nov 2013

Always have the car dealership look at a problem before the warranty expires. Don’t let the dealership push your service out to the end of the warranty. more