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Being contacted by a debt collection agency is never pleasant. When their demands on you seem unfair, you need good debt defense. Call us and we will listen to your story.

Debts get confusing quickly because, nowadays, consumer debt is bought and sold at an incredibly rapid pace. If you have an old credit card debt, a medical bill, an old judgment against you from a lawsuit, or just about anything, it will move through many creditors. Some of these creditors will try and collect the debt. They may do this even if you’ve already paid it. These companies don’t care about whether or not you actually owe the money. They just want to strong-arm you into giving them money.

We can help you deal with these situations. See our blog post on “What to say if a debt collector calls” and our template for a “dispute and verify debt” letter. Or you can call us anytime at (408) 599-3277, and we’ll talk through what your options are. Should you fight it? Negotiate it? Or hire an attorney? Consultation and advice on these matters is free, and we only advise you to hire us if we can save you time, money, and aggravation.

Fighting the Debt Settling the Debt
If you don’t owe the money or the amount which a collector is seeking from you, we can help you fight them, in or out of court. Even if you don’t ask us to represent you in court, we’ll give you the best advice possible. If you do want representation in court, we’ll do our best to give you a price that makes it worth your while. For cases over a small amount, it’s often best to wait and see how far the collector will push it. If the collector won’t let up, we can help you negotiate a lower payment, often as low as one third of the debt.

So, when you get a letter or a call about an old debt, whether you owe it or not, give us a call at (408) 599-3277 or send us a message.

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