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(Use certified mail, return receipt requested.)

Your Name
Current Phone: (###) ###-####
Your Mailing Address
City, CA ZIP Code
Date Mailed

Names of Each Debt Collector Employee Involved
Name of Debt Collection Agency
Address on Agency Letterhead
City, State ZIP Code

RE: File No. ###
Account No. ###
Creditor’s Account No. ###

To the Management of this Collection Agency and the above-noted employees:

Please show in your records that I dispute this account. Please verify this account by providing me with copies of the following documents: credit applications, contracts, account statements, . . . [read the articles for your particular dispute to get other ideas of documents that might be appropriate].

Your reporting of this account shows a $______ balance has been overdue and is now delinquent since ________ [date]. This is not complete or accurate, because I do not owe this balance, because it is was ________. [Use plain English to describe the true reason, such as paid on _____ date, settled in full with _____, not my debt, etc.] A copy of _______ [describe] showing this is attached. [Include a copy both sides of checks, any correspondence, prior bills, etc.]

If you refuse to report this account accurately and completely, then please notify each credit reporting agency that the reported information is disputed by the consumer.

Your Name